You Were Not A Mistake; A letter from a single father to his son

Dear Son,

Though you are too young to understand this right now, I wanted to write you this letter to explain a few things.  

You were not a mistake. There are no mistakes in life when it comes to love.  Though love might not exist between your parents, that does not mean that you are not bound to me by unconditional love.

I actually owe you my life.

Not my actual life, but the much better life that I am living now. A life of parks, hikes and lakes over a previous life of bars, sleeping and highly un-motivation. My business is growing because of who you have made me become. Though I still face valleys and sometimes the climb up the mountain side is insanely steep and difficult, the peak at the top is higher than it ever has been before.  Would I change things if I could? Yes… Do I wish things were different? No….  I love you. That’s it. The conversation ends there.

Some things to remember as you grow older and into a man.

  1. Though I am not in love with your mother; I still believe in true love.
  2. Every girlfriend, actually, every woman in your life in any form of relationship should be cherished. Though it might sound fundamentally simple, and maybe even come across misogynistic to some, women teach us things that our male friends cannot. They bring out sides of us that nothing else can. 
  3. I regret nothing when it comes to being in and out of love, and you shouldn’t either.
  4. Embrace difficulty and push yourself to figure out why you are feeling how you are feeling. In the end, if you swing and miss you will never wonder what if. 
  5. Your mental health is just as important as your physical.
  6. There is absolutely nothing about you being alive that was or is a mistake. I leave understanding that to my higher power, I just appreciate what I can’t explain.