10 Things A Boy Should Know About Love

Growing up and experiencing the journey from boyhood to manhood is full of challenges, struggles, highs and lows… But now as I’ve experienced over 3 decades of life I have come up with 10 points to teach our boys to help prepare them for the complex spiderweb of emotions that love seems to be.

  1. If you “feel” it, go for it.  Let yourself feel vulnerable. If you have feelings for her, tell her.
  2. Rejection is temporary. You will be rejected your entire life. From job offers to the basketball court you will be rejected. It hurts for only a split second, a mere fraction of your time here on earth.
  3. If you think she is beautiful, tell her.
  4. If you know she is beautiful, tell her even more.
  5. If you LOVE anything, make it a priority in your life.
  6. Only say it when you mean it. Love is a part of you. It’s not something that should be handed out freely and given out easily.
  7. Boys don’t hit girls. Even when they want to show signs of attraction. PIck your crush some flowers from the corner of the playground. Trust me, she will remember that moment the rest of her life.
  8. Unconditional love is accepting that you care more about someone else than yourself.
  9. Loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else.
  10. Love wil come and go, embrace it as you feel it, and let it go when you feel that is the right thing to do.