20 Toddler Tips for Dads

We reached out to our community and some awesome tips from Dads for Dads (and from a couple rad moms too!).

1. If it smells, change it
2. If they’re quiet they’re into something
3. Better to build strong children, than fix broken adults.
4. if its a boy. open his diaper then close it and wait… hes gonna pee on you!
5. it doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had, a good cuddle heals all.
6. Remember they are just little versions of people. Not possessions or property, and these two words… Daddy fix.
7. Take pictures. Trust me.
8. You are your father’s child.
9. Pick your battles and relax! parenting is stressful, remove as much of it as possible.
10. Spend as much time with them as you can. They grow up WAY to fast
11. Always tell them you love them
12. Baby powder is cheap. Use lots.
13. Finger paint more than you finger point
14. Find reasons to laugh thru the tough times and….always carry a change of clothes. For both of you!! Lol
15. if they see it, they do it and if they hear it, they say it, so beware, indeed!!!
16. If it’s too quiet there’s trouble among you
17. A happy childhood lasts a lifetime.
18. If she/he cries please hold them and tell them you love them. Be all you can be. A proud Father a proud child
19. Band aid across the belly button cures car sickness!! No sh*t!
20. Long days, short years