202,000 Graco strollers recalled in Canada due to amputation risk



Millions of Graco stroller and travel systems across North America are being recalled because the folding mechanism can cut or even chop off a child’s fingers.

Health Canada, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Mexico’s Consumer Protection Federal Agency and Graco Children’s Products Inc. issued the recall this morning. More than 200,000 of the strollers have been sold in Canada.

“There are a lot of people out there who have this stroller and we want to make sure that they have the best chance of protecting their children that they can give them,” says Health Canada’s Tyler Goodier.

Eight models of Graco strollers and travel systems have a folding hinge on the sides of the stroller that can pinch a child’s finger, posing a laceration or amputation hazard, Health Canada’s recall document says.

In the U.S., Graco has received 11 reports of finger injuries including six reports of fingertip amputation, four reports of partial fingertip amputation and one finger laceration, Health Canada says.

Almost 5 million Graco strollers are being recalled in North America. (Graco)

“It’s usually during the set up of the stroller and there’s some variation of the child either climbing in or interacting with the stroller while the parent or caregiver is unfolding it,” says Goodier.

Health Canada says it has not received any reports of consumer incidents or injuries in Canada.

Millions sold


The affected models are Graco’s Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Literider, Sierra and Sterling, sold between 2000 and 2014.

Health Canada says approximately 202,066 of these strollers and travel systems were sold in Canada.

About 4.7 million were sold in the United States and about 10,000 in Mexico.

The products were made in China and imported to Canada by Elfe Juvenile Products in Montreal.

When did they know?

The strollers in question were sold to consumers for more than 14 years, starting in 2000, but it’s not clear when the first injury was reported.

Responding to an email from CBC news, Graco said “While nearly 85 per cent of the select strollers were sold more than seven years ago, we are committed to the safety of our products regardless of age, and will offer repair hinge covers to consumers at no cost.”

What to do if you own one


Health Canada says the Graco website is now taking orders for retrofit kits. But those kits won’t be available until the beginning of December.

In the meantime, Health Canada says parents and caregivers should be cautious when putting the child in or taking the child out of the stroller, keeping the child away from the hinge area when they’re opening and closing the stroller.

“Make sure that the child is not in the seat at the time [of folding] and that their hands are well away from the [hinge] area,” says Goodier.

“Part of the problem is that the hinge area has springs…that can snap down with some force, particularly if a parent is also applying some force as they’re unfolding it.”



In addition to the Graco website, consumers can order their free repair kit by phone at 1-800-667-8184 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Customers with questions or concerns can contact the customer service team by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-667-8184.



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