All for the sake of family

Hello all! This is my first post here and I figured it might be best to start out with how some of us define family. More and more these days, we are seeing a trend toward the nuclear family of two parents and one or two children. Financial reasons being on top of the list of causes for this trend. But have we really gotten that segregated? It depends on how one defines family. If you are a member of a church or any organization, they can be considered members of your extended family. I believe it to be very important to give children this sense of community and of belonging to something greater than just the nuclear family. It helps to instill a sense of compassion and of working together to achieve common goals in their mindset. Often times, our children are raised by others outside of their parents as most families need two incomes in order to survive. Spending time with the children engaging in outdoor activities and community oriented activities is now even more important than ever. In order for them to develop an awareness of the community and the environment around them. Take the time for family hikes and outings. Learn together about local flora and fauna or go for bike rides exploring local trails and sites. Not all things need to be financially driven, and often times happiness and togetherness is only as bike ride or an outing away. (as you can tell, I’m an active cyclist lol) My daughter is 22 now and living on her own with her own career and my two grand dogs, they’re my version of grandchildren for now and I spoil them just as much as if they were human. So what if they walk and talk funny? She still remembers these things from her childhood and the lessons in compassion and acceptance they taught her. She now works in the medical field as a PSW and has brought her sense of community with her into her work place. So how do you define family?