Are men and women treated differently in the Criminal Justice System and does this matter?

Rhys Vivian, a student at Middlsex University summarized his findings as:

“Overall, the Criminal Justice System think they require a higher level of operant conditioning (reinforcement/punishment to shape behaviour) to act as a deterrent for men to prevent recidivism (re-offending), and more community work and cautions for women. This suggests that the Criminal Justice System has a classicist approach towards men and a positivistic approach towards women. This leads to my view on gender treatment, which is that we all should be treated the same because being male or female does not make us different, in fact, we are all human, we have the same rights, freedom and sentiments as everyone else. Gender treatment matters because if one gender is treated more lenient than the other is, then those of the opposing gender could feel dominated, isolated and marginalised by the Criminal Justice System.”

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