Dave Morgan – A family restored

dave morgan2

Dave Morgan (Whalley, Surrey British Columbia) is no ordinary Pastor. I have had the chance to connect with him personally throughout the past year and this guys story is insane. It is literally unbelievable, and the absolutely only reason you have no choice but to believe it after hearing him speak is the fact that he is so passionate about connecting others with God, and his passion for the Fatherless.  This guy will look you in the eye and tell you his life story that seems like it could have only come from a movie. But it’s the truth. And as a lot of us know, some of our lives have been like movies…..   Dave is currently working on the streets of Whalley, British Columbia, one of Canada’s most deprived and oppressed neighborhoods full of crime, gang life and poverty. He is committed to helping those who most need it.

From Dave’s site  he recently wrote:

My household is not normal, I have an unorthodox family at best! I’m so grateful for it though. This unique family has taught me many things about Jesus! It represents the power of Jesus! You see, me and my wife Shaina and my ex wife and her husband are all friends we are a blended tribe. We have truly had our ups and downs. But our unique situation represents a tapestry of beauty. When you look at our life together, you acquire a glimpse of God’s immeasurable love and restoration! I am showcasing my family today to highlight and to show Jesus love for us in all the speed bumps of life! If you find yourself this morning facing a hard situation like divorce or money problems or kids on the rails no job or just struggling in your trust. I want you to find encouragement in knowing Jesus can restore any shattered situation! I can faithfully say this because he has healed, restored, performed a miracle in my life and my families! This hope of Christ’s restoration is what I bring to the most hopeless situations and dismissed places on the streets of Whalley! I know first hand that God can fix anything! If He answered my prayers to restore my family, he can answer your petitions in the crucible you face today! God specializes in dead ends! Jesus restores, He becomes a natural spring in the desert! Isaiah 58:12 “And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell #mission #whalley #momentsonthestreets