How NDBS Changed One Man In Sweden’s Life

It is amazing when we receive feedback like this and pushes us to grow this movement even more.
I was unemployed due to PTSD which I got from my former job. I was then out of a job for almost a year, and during that year I connected with No Deadbeat Society on Facebook. I connected in hopes that I could get in touch with someone who understand, put all “not important things aside” and just be there as a network and contact for support.
I am a single father of 3 and almost gave up hope of ever becoming the man I wanted to be for my daughters.
NDBS over time became my “go to” place to get inspiration and support. Through using the messages as inspiration and conversation with the founder I found new motivation, courage, hope and most importantly meaning. 
I became, or at least starting attempting to put work into becoming the role model that I knew my children needed. It changed everything for me.
I was labelled a deadbeat and unemployed, but over time I rose up. I got a new job and I am at a very different place in my career. As we speak I am working on two major contracts with that firm. I am volunteering by helping people with different handicaps and who are labelled outcasts. I was even asked to be a project leader helping people who need homes finding residences. 
NDBS is and was the inspiration for me to get up, and rise above all of the hardship I was going through. My life has changed.
The most recent words my 9 year old daughter said to me were “Dad I love you so much now. You are so much happier and I love every day we spend together. And I love that you help others!”
THANK YOU *Founder of* NDBS and NDBS!!