I am a dad – And I post A LOT on Social Media

So here it is. My confession…. I am a single father and I post A LOT on social media.  Lot’s of pictures of me and my son, and our daily activities. Basically, any time we go out I post a picture (or 5) of the event. To be honest, I can’t get enough of it.  It’s not all the likes and comments I get on instagram, or the shares and comments I get on facebook that keep me at it. It’s not that it allows all of my family who live far away to basically watch my son grow up as if they were a part of his daily life, it’s not to make myself look like an amazing father, it’s not that I feel like an amazing father, it’s not that I think my kid is the most amazing human being to walk this earth, it’s not that I am a super proud dad, it’s not that I love the way instagram filters make us both look “super adorable” as many women in my life say, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Here’s the thing…  We live in a world where there are quite a few not-so-great dads out there who have created a strong bias of opinion. It kind of takes away from those of us doing the right thing. The ONLY thing.  And trust me people, they are MANY of us doing the right thing and being fully involved in our children’s lives.

This is the glorious gift of social media. It allows us to communicate with each other, engage in ways never before. Granted there a lot of negatives that come along with that (mainly that a lot of people can’t function face to face which is an entirely different story) but for the most part it enables us to share our lives with each other in never-seen-before ways. And I’m just going to be blunt, the more and more dads that share their content, stories, pictures, etc… The more pressure it puts on those that may be slipping a little. We all love our children, and we all have different stories that brought us to the point we are at right now. But the bottom line is, our children deserve us at our best, and they deserve everything we can give them. It’s not tangible, it’s not related to money. It’s a simple formula of LOVE + TIME = AMAZING.

Keep on postin’ dads.