Inspiring Men you should follow on Social Media

We promote being GOOD men. We promote working hard, crushing goals and being the absolute best human being you can be.  A man that can put the immature stereotypes associated with being “masculine” aside and accept that being a gentleman, respectful, and genuinely good person will do far better in life. Especially fatherhood. Whether you are a man of faith, or simply a man aiming to become the best you can be, the common denominator here is GOOD MORALS. It’s a simple concept, but so much of your life can be approved by addressing what you are doing in life that you know isn’t right and redirecting your path.

It’s like that old saying… If a man treated your daughter the way you treated your girlfriend would you approve? Apply any similar statement (cousin, friend, brother, sister, parent, etc..) in context and it will surely help you rethink parts of your life. And change for the better.

As one of the co-owners of No DeadBeat Society,I have used the last few years of my life to read and obtain knowledge on how to become a better man. Bits and pieces of knowledge from other successful, good men that are almost indirectly mentoring me. Noone’s philosophy will 100% be onpoint for you, but there are always specific bits and pieces of information and guidance you can take and apply to your own life.  The goal is that in your last days on Earth you could write a book yourself on how you accomplished what you did, and how proud you are of living a good life.

That being said, I follow a few GOOD men on social media and interact with them regularly.  They all come from different backgrounds, different political ideologies, faiths, and careers, but the basis of all of them is that they are successful, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. I figured I’d write about them and provide you with the opportunity to find them and see what they are up to .

Social Media can be a sesspool of pathetic drama. I got tired of seeing only when my home boys were taking a dump and when my friends from high school were fighting with their husbands, so I started to follow inspiring people. I’ve followed and unfollowed many over the last few years as I entered fatherhood, but there’s a few who stood out to me and still indirectly mentor me through their content.


1. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a self made millionaire who is all about reading books. His claim to fame is that he was completely broke and found himself a mentor offering himself as a volunteer to his firm and then building an empire himself.  You, and I are probably annoyed with seeing his pre-rolled youtube videos including his cars and hot wife around his bookshelf – but the reality is he is preaching truth. You can obtain so much knowledge from reading. You can learn from other humans who have gone through some serious shit, or created some amazing shit. He also has an interesting way of speed reading that he teaches to help you skim through books and pull valuable information. I’m more of a read in it’s entirety type of guy, but if you have a book that you just can’t fully get into his method definitely works. Do yourself a favour and join his book club, he sends out cool invites to online conferences, hang outs, and book reviews.


2. Jesse James

Who doesn’t know West Coast Choppers? Jesse James is an icon on the motorcycle industry and we’re talking years before Sons of Anarchy ever came about. Then of course the scandal with Sandra Bullock.  He’s backed away from the spotlight in recent years, but he’s still out there running his business and providing some interesting insight. What most don’t know is that this guy came from some serious struggle. His childhood was rough, and he pulled through by following his passion. I read his book years ago.  A great example of this guys character is that he talks about cheating on Bullock, explains his own issues that caused it, but never really implies that he’s seeking pitty or to avoid responsibility. He knows when he f*cked up in his life and he owns it. That’s an important message.  I mean shit, he burned down his parents house when he was just a kid for starters…

Mr. James posts quite a bit about hard work and the success you can achieve by doing it.


3. Sean Whalen


We have removed Sean Whalen from this list as he longer aligns with what we believe is thought leadership.

4. Amari King

Amari King is a loudmouth. But a good one. He speaks his mind and get’s to the point. He has no issue voicing his opinion and is quite successful.  As far as I can tell, this guy is a youtube celebrity from Kentucky and that’s how he has made his money. The way he mixes humour with his opinion is great though. A little comedic value and also a nice dose of reality.


5.  George Takei

George Takei was Sulu on Star Trek. I’ve honestly never watched an episode of Star Trek in my life, I was a huge star wars fan as a kid and still remain one, but I could never really get into Star Trek myself.  George is gay. George is a gay rights activist. George is extremely liberal. But George is also EXTREMELY intelligent. Whether your politics lean left or right, these are the types of guys that guys like me wish they could sit in a room with and debate politics for days.  I follow him because of his sense of humour, and because I respect the work he has done for the LGBT community. He is outspoken, doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks and is extremely intelligent.  It’s nice to get hit with a dosage of his medicine once in awhile (No Homo? – is that still a thing idiots say?)


6.  Mark Cuban

Why not follow the Dallas Mavericks owner, right? But in reality this guy provokes a lot of thought if you follow him. He is successful and surrounded by controversy relating to things most of us will never understand, like the big business of the NBA, but he puts out some really thought provoking questions on social media, and if you are an entrepreneurial spirited young chap like myself, you will find his questions and thoughts interesting. This guys roots lay in a website called and if you have watched the history of that business you can’t not be intrigued by this guy.

But here is why I really follow him:

“In November 2012, in response to Donald Trump offering President Barack Obama $5 million to a charity of President Obama’s choosing if he released passport applications and college transcripts to the public, Cuban offered Trump $1 million to a charity of Trump’s choosing if Trump shaved his head.”


7.  Governor Chris Christie

A republican governor in New Jersey. That says a lot in itself. New Jersey’s current voting record kinda sways the other way.  Set aside the fat jokes from guys like Jay Leno and David Letterman (who both you will notice DID NOT make my list of inspiring human beings on social media), this guy is a solid man. I remember seeing an interview on CNN of him just before the 2012 presidential race where a reporter asked him (note quoted word for word) “But Governor, do you not put your kids in private school?”. His response was along the lines of “I pay my taxes, my taxes go to our public school system where my children go to school and my personal business is none of yours”. That convinced me he was a stand up guy, and an even better politician.

Then a few years later he gave this speech:

Chris Christie is PRO LIFE, but Chris Christie is PRO YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. In his opinion being pro life does not mean that you stop giving a shit about people after they are born. When mental health crisis occurs you don’t stop supporting someone.  He clearly states that doesn’t mean you give up on making people responsible for their lives and decisions, but we need to have some sort of compassion, especially when it comes to legislation. I completely agree.

In terms of being pro life, I believe that is a personal state of mind that each of us has.  I believe the ins and outs and nature of that stance depends on a variety of things that are completely specific to the individual.  But when a republican governor stands up for long term mental health support, you know there’s something more to him.


8.  Dr. Phil

I used to think Doctor Phil was just a schmuck on Oprah. But then a family member introduced me to one of his episodes that I could relate with and was comparable to my own personal life and my situation.  (We all have mountains to climb). He is stern with addicts and people who make very irresponsible decisions regarding the safety and well being of children.  He tells both men and women straight up that they are wrong, and spends money proving it. When you set aside the fact that he is on television fighting for ratings, this guy has a very, very solid stance on what being a man is all about.


9.   Richard Branson

Richard Branson is so wealthy I think I don’t think I relate with him on 99% of his viewpoints.  I “Surface” follow Richard Branson simply for inspiration. I know that he is a good person, donates a lot to charity and does really amazing shit. He wants the world to be a better place, and even though my viewpoints may not always agree with his that is commendable. He also is always up to something seriously legit. It’s nice to see.


10.  The Rock Dwayne Johnson

WWF is why I am first and foremost a fan of this guy. He has become a brilliant actor, and after reading a lot about him I love his football story too. He was an amazing college baller. But I’ll tell you why I still follow “The Rock” on all social media platforms.

The rock was driving down a side road one day in his pick up truck and he smoked this older gentleman’s side mirror off of his vehicle. The Rock then proceeded to stop his vehicle, turn around and go apologize. In doing so he offered the man some money, but when the man realized who he was he just asked for a selfie (this dude had to be like 50 years old, selfie probably wasn’t in his vocabulary). Imagine the story this guy has to tell his children, grandchildren and so on. I just think its an amazing thing and when a celebrity goes out of their way to be humble like that, it’s something I can appreciate. He posted the picture on his instagram. Was awesome.

Overall Dwayne Johnson is a good dude, he works hard and he posts a lot of behind the scenes pictures and videos of the movies he’s working on. He also posts some motivational stuff to help keep you focused on being healthy. Overall, solid dude.


11. Emilio Rivera

I’m a big fan of the tv show Sons of Anarchy, but I’m also a big fan of underdogs. And this guy represented an interesting twist to an underdog throughout the series. That is really what prompted me to check out his social media pages, but what I learned is that he is a man who has been through some shit and maintained a good perspective on life. He’s a family man, and a great example of what being a dad is really about.  He did a really cool thing for a charity called “The Leftout Kids” that involved printing signed t-shirts and donating all of the revenue. He’s just a solid guy who’s always up to something interesting. He occasionally throws out his opinion on life comes up with some really inspiring content.


12.  Bobby Bowden

Faith. Family. Football. One of the USA’s most notable college football coaches with one of the most successful records. There is nothing about this man’s journey and life that isn’t inspiring.  From being known as the “Second Chance Coach” and giving scholarships to some of America’s most troubled youth to devoting his life to not only coaching good football but also to coaching and mentoring his players to become better men, everything about him is an inspiration. He’s older, he doesn’t do much of the “Tweeting” but he’s still out there. And it’s interesting to follow him as a retired coach and professional speaker. He coached some of the NFL ballers we grew up loving and idolizing as kids and teenagers. I highly recommend reading his book “Called to Coach”.


13.  Duche Bradley

I very recently found out Duche’s story on a website called He’s a former drug dealer who went through some very extreme situations. He completely turned his life around and became an amazing father. His story and the details he recalls from his past life are enough to give this guy some serious respect. He’s pro health, pro fatherhood and passionate about his faith.


14. (Bonus) Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern went viral because she is a woman who puts feminists in their place.  She posts thought provoking content and is ALWAYS up for a debate. Check her out. She is a young, Canadian Politician and a member of the Libertarian Party (Yeah, you know that party everyone was talking about when Ron Paul started shitting on politicians in 2008 – there is one of those parties up in Canada too!).
I added Lauren Southern to this list because honestly, I love seeing her posts. She pushes so many boundaries and engages in so much worthwhile conversation. She also provokes extreme debates online, that when kept respectful, are a great thing to see. I’m foreseeing this woman has a incredible future in front of her.



15. (Bonus Bonus For comedic Value) The Iron Sheik

To be completely honest, this last spot of “bonus” people was a toss up between The Iron Sheik and Dan Bilzerian, I went with the one with a complete lack of substance. I will say no more, just check out his tweets.

Or just click here to read the funny ones: