Interesting Single Dads In Canada Statistics

According to statistics Canada, with data from the 2011 census there are 1.5 (1,527,840) single parent households in Canada. Statistics Canada then goes on to state that 1 out of every 4 lone parent household is a single father.  In another statistic they state that 12.8% of all families in Canada are single mothers and 3.5% of all families in Canada are single fathers.

Let there be no mistake made, there are a lot of amazing single mother’s out there struggling, or excelling at raising their children. But this isn’t about that, this is about that 3.5%…

It is largely stated that there is a serious lack of resources for single fathers in Canada. This ranges from things like transition homes, support systems, support services, funding, groups, websites, government assistance, etc… (the list could go on). But what these numbers really mean is that out of the 9 million families polled 315,000 single fathers are without a lot of the same resources that the single mothers are able to get while raising their children.

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