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I know what it’s like to be a busy parent, never have time to go out, meet people, hang out with friends, and socialize.
I moved from small-town, middle of no-where, Canada to a huge ass city. I just had my third baby, I was starting my own business AND I was transitioning from a single mom, to a common law relationship, over night.

It was everything happening all at once and I was so alone. I moved 500 miles from family, friends, and a job I loved. I felt so isolated in such a huge place.
I started to suffer from a wicked storm of mental and physical illness. PPD (Postpartum Depression) is quite a common illness, and I was suffering with nobody to talk to. I was dying and the stigma of having PPD, being on medication, AND being a parenting practitioner? had me suffering in silence. (Who would want help parenting… if I needed help?! I was about to find out- I was SO wrong.)

It was clear, I needed to socialize.
I needed friends. I needed to find people who had similar struggles!
Whoever said you had to keep your struggles to yourself and act like a perfect parent.. was a bullshitter.

That’s when everything clicked.
if I couldn’t get out and meet people, I would create a group online, and meet people there.

In the matter of 4 months.. 4 months of offering parents free help where and when I can, talking about the struggles I’m having and spreading humour.. the group grew to 5000 members.

We now have 7000 members and yet, we’re all really close. We have this amazing vibe, and we just remove anyone who just doesn’t fit. There isn’t a more positive, drama free, raw, funny, and supportive group for parents like Modern Parenting Hub.

And I looooooove it. I’ve overcome SO many obstacles, I’ve survived PPD and I couldn’t have done it without the support of other parents. I’m able to help 82929 more parents because of all the shit I’ve been through AND.. you don’t have to struggle with parenting in silence anymore.

The biggest take away I hear ALL the time is that: “Just when I thought I was the only one going through ____. I realize I’m not the only one! I love that I can ask a question, and get 100’s of supportive responses within an hour. I can take what I want and leave what I don’t!”

So if you’re looking for a tribe, we’ve got your back at Modern Parenting.