New Dad Gifts

Do you know a man who is about to become a father for the first time? Our t-shirts are a great gift idea for new dads! 

This movement represents fathers in all kinds of situations and focuses on positive empowerment so that men can share the journey of fatherhood regardless of their situation. 

We have fathers all over the world that wear our back rocker t-shirts, hoodies, decals and other merchandise to support themselves as changed men, but also to support our movement of changing gender stereotypes.

Our t-shirt is the perfect gift for men who are about to become new dads.


Fatherhood changes men. Fortunately for some of us it becomes the start of a real journey of discovery. Discovery of purpose, soul and passion. It’s a time to reflect on youth and irresponsible decisions and a time to think about the future and the type of child you want to raise. It’s an opportunity to reset and understand that every decision you make going forward is not only for yourself but for your family.