The Best Book You’ve Never Read – The Book of Pook


A bunch of years ago, this guy named Pook started a blog and a forum where he posted a bunch of seriously brilliant stuff about what being a man is all about. Quoted as Monosphere, sometimes negative it is truly one of the best “self help” or “self help type” books written for men today.

Pook said: “I know how to get laid. I know how to make money. I know how to get a girlfriend. I know how to build a career. And yet why am I not happy?” “Because,” Pook continues, “My entire life has been focusing on everything except me. writes:

Why is the Book of Pook so great? Because it is written with beautiful purple prose, and offers salvation for the man lost in the eternal ennui of our emasculating culture. While other manosphere authors in the early 2000’s were talking about pickup artist tactics to get laid, or sharing tips to build a stronger career, or finding that perfect girlfriend, Pook decided he did not want any of that.

Do yourself a favor. Google this book, buy a copy, download a copy whatever you have to do to get your hands on it. Read it.

It’s worth it.


The Book of Pook

The book of Pook