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NDBS Launches Women’s Wear

Posted by admin on  May 3, 2018

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We have so many amazing women who support our NDBS movement. We’ve decided to launch some exclusive clothes for them! Visit the NDBS Women’s store here. We will have many more designs coming soon!  

Hating Women Is Not The Answer

Posted by admin on  April 20, 2018

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A message for men’s rights activists and father’s rights activists. NDBS was founded on the principles that men are capable of being amazing parents. It’s primary purpose is to facilitate conversation and engage men as they go through the journey of fatherhood. This brand has supporters of all kinds. We have single fathers who very rarely see their children and married fathers who are active in their children’s lives every day. For a variety of

Single Parents Should Remember They Need To Live Their Lives Too

Posted by admin on  March 27, 2018

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Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist (1875 – 1961), once wrote Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.  Often single parents are struggling in a lot of areas of their lives, specifically free time. Things like unconditional love, support, safety, guidance, security, etc… are all aspects of parenting and things that every parent absolutely must provide for their children. However, what


Posted by admin on  March 23, 2018

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#bumblebee at #ripleysbelieveitornot yesterday!

Posted by admin on  March 22, 2018

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