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As originally seen on A year 7 old girl, Esme went to the doctor for a pretty normal cough, and eventually got blood-work that came back saying she had a failing kidney.  Her father Lee Chester donated his Kidney. This is fatherhood.  
We were recently able to connect with an amazing guy, who represents what this movement is about whole-heartily.  Austen Miles is a man who has seriously been through a lot, more than most of us fortunately ever have to face. The most unfortunate part is that he endured so much as an innocent child. Focusing on fatherhood and the positives he was able to pull from his life he has become someone we should all
When I found out I was going to be a dad to a little girl who would someday grow up to be a woman, I knew it was up to me to teach her the way of the world. From various experiences with male friends, I knew women don’t always have the easiest time with the opposite sex. This awareness motivated me to open my little girl’s eyes up to many things that others may
Sheriff David Clarke of the Milkwaukee police is raising some very interesting points regarding society and what is causing a lot of the issues. Poverty, Fatherlessness, and related. These statements can be adjusted to align with any political agenda, but what we should really look at is what GOOD can be pulled from it? As Men we need to step up.  No matter your situation be “all in” as we regularly quote.    

The Enlightened Marriage

Posted on August 11, 2016

Jed Diamond has released a new book called “The Enlightened Marriage”. Jed’s a man who has been through a lot as a father and who has written several books relating to navigating the journey of life. The book is now available on Amazon!
Multiple studies have all produced similar results.  6 out 10 people don’t read articles and related content they share on their social media profiles. They base the worthiness of a share strictly on what they see as a headline or major copy in an image. Could this explain why when it comes to critical social issues and subjects such as the legal system, politics and more are debated so unintelligent on social media? I think

Dad copies Daughter’s Selfies

Posted on August 5, 2016

Chris Martin a comedian from Spokane Washington has gone viral because he copied his daugther’s selfies she was taking for various social media platforms such as instagram, facebook and twitter. “I just did it because she was posting all these sexy selfies and I said to tone it down a bit and she didn’t. So I said I’ll show you what it looks like then,” Chris Martin told KXLY.
Tai Lopez , who is surrounded by conspiracy theories and controversy right now has brought the 33% rule to the forefront of success stories.  But this isn’t a “new theory”, the law of 33% comes almost naturally to most success stories. Whether they support or believe it, they most likely are living it. What is the law of 33%? It’s quite simple. Spend 33% of your time with people who are at about the same success

Count Your Blessings? Yah Right…

Posted on July 28, 2016

You know the quote… “Count your blessings, not your troubles”. Easier said than done. Easy for someone to sit there across a table at a local sushi restaurant and tell you rather than live it themselves and apply it to their life. But that’s just it…  It is easier said than done, if it was easy they wouldn’t be sitting there telling you that you need to do it. I recently read a story of
I recently had the opportunity to interview Kaleb Bryan…. A young entrepreneur, co-founder of highly successful mobile app Spotagory and founder of (The Auto Cave) on his journey and how his father who passed away several years ago impacted his life. Kaleb is one of those guys who you know is going to achieve big things. His ambition from such a young age and mentality proves that with some courage and passion you can crush
We often hear and share stories about Father’s who walk away and generally are the opposite of what I aim to represent with this website.  The pendulum sways back and forth when you start debating things like child custody laws and family litigation because you never really know all of the details… But what I have become quick at identifying is when a man is truthful, a generally good person and just trying to better himself.

I wasn’t ready for Fatherhood

Posted on July 15, 2016

I remember the day we found out my son was going to be born like it was yesterday. I wasn’t young enough to use my age to justify how immature I was. I wasn’t a horrible person, but I would say I had 0 priorities or responsibilities. I always worked hard, I always tried to be a good person, but when you are 29 years old, making decent money and your biggest plans all week were

Dave Morgan – A family restored

Posted on July 8, 2016

Dave Morgan (Whalley, Surrey British Columbia) is no ordinary Pastor. I have had the chance to connect with him personally throughout the past year and this guys story is insane. It is literally unbelievable, and the absolutely only reason you have no choice but to believe it after hearing him speak is the fact that he is so passionate about connecting others with God, and his passion for the Fatherless.  This guy will look you

Halifax Campaign on Abusive Men

Posted on June 22, 2016

New Start Counselling (Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada) has recently launched a campaign utilizing comments made by abusive men who have used their services.   The three posters read: “I slapped my partner. I need to be in control” , “My wife makes me angry, so i push her. My son makes me angry, so I push him” and “My wife is afraid of me. My children are afraid of me”. “We wanted to be as
I recently had the opportunity to ask Dr. Dutton (The Department of Psychology, UBC) a few questions relating to Men’s mental health and how to deal with struggling with adversity. First I asked Dr. Dutton’s thoughts on the availability of resources in Canada for men who are victims of domestic violence (of any form). Quite often men seem to run out of places to go after being the victims of domestic abuse. Resources such as
While becoming a father and going through my own personal journey I’ve spent a lot of time the past few years connecting with men who have been through some really intense points of clarification. I’ve become friends with and regularly talk to men of all walks of life. This includes Pastors, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Successful CEOs, and men who are struggling in poverty to make ends meet. Men who have spent thousands in court, and
The Book of Pook
  A bunch of years ago, this guy named Pook started a blog and a forum where he posted a bunch of seriously brilliant stuff about what being a man is all about. Quoted as Monosphere, sometimes negative it is truly one of the best “self help” or “self help type” books written for men today. Pook said: “I know how to get laid. I know how to make money. I know how to get
#nodeadbeatsociety – 100%.  
Build One Another Up

Build One Another Up Partnership

Posted on March 9, 2016

Build One Another Up We are excited to announce a new partnership with Vancouver based charity Build One Another Up! (Facebook: as of April 1st 2016! All profit from the sales of our merchandise will be donated to B.O.A.U.  They are a Vancouver, British Columbia based charity that is aimed to help and support fathers,  and men in poverty.    
We promote being GOOD men. We promote working hard, crushing goals and being the absolute best human being you can be.  A man that can put the immature stereotypes associated with being “masculine” aside and accept that being a gentleman, respectful, and genuinely good person will do far better in life. Especially fatherhood. Whether you are a man of faith, or simply a man aiming to become the best you can be, the common denominator
stanford university online courses

Take university courses for free online

Posted on February 29, 2016

You probably see a bunch of spam like this in your mailbox weekly, and ads online… But this is legit. We just wanted to share that you can very easily take free online courses through multiple universities. Now there is absolutely no excuse for not setting aside some time and focusing on building your knowledge. If you have been holding off going back to school, and are thinking you can’t afford it this is the
In 1938 Harvard university started following 200+ Harvard sophomores and over 400 inner city (mostly from financially struggling backgrounds)  school boys and continued to throughout their entire lives. Every few years the men were questioned about their lives, their family and friends were interviewed and every 15 years they were given medical exams. The data that this study has compiled is seriously amazing. 90 of the men from the original study remain alive and are
Cori Salchert, her husband and family adopt and bring hospice babies into their home so that their last days are spent overwhelmed, consumed and full of love. This is one of the craziest stories regarding amazing people that we have ever seen. Cori, you and your family are amazing and you define selflessness. The world is lucky that you are here. These children are blessed that you exist.   For more information –  
Somebody is buying millions of booksabout men and their pain. Whatever men do these days, they don’t feel masculine enough. They try to feel more masculine by competing harder over practically anything from pecker size to watch price to long-distance spitting. They try to control whatever is within their realm, whether it be their own emotions or other people’s sexuality. Those who aren’t out to prove their masculinity by sleeping around are hoping they’ll find
  I’m a reader. I read almost every day of my life, it’s something I’ve committed to. Mostly novels, true stories, bios and epic tales of over coming struggle. I read books and online. Basically, anytime I can consume knowledge I am all about it. Frequently when online and reading about anything to do with the nature of raising men, I see and hear about raising gentlemen. So often are quotes like “I’m raising a