Vancouver Rappers Release a Song about Fatherhood

Vancouver emcees StevieP and Orion recently released a song and music video for their song called “Better Place”.

Two fathers who have realized how important their children are, and how once they became a part of their lives how their world became a “better place”

We give this track the “No Deadbeat Society” stamp of approval for sure…

Rap music and fatherhood isn’t something new. Hip Hop music , especially the mainstream often generalizes men as needing to be “hard” and stay focused on things like money and women… But throughout the years a few rappers who happen to be fathers dedicated some of their records to their children.


Common released Retrospect with Lauryn Hill for his daughter.

Xzibit (before Pimp Yo Ride) released The Foundation.

And Rapper “The Game” released Like Father Like Son (part 2) with Busta Rhymes

Just to name a few…..