Welcome to the Team! – NDBS Writers Agreement

By writing and submitting content to www.nodeadbeatsociety.com you agree to the following terms (as of January 1st 2015):

You must not write anything negative about your ex spouse, or targeting any specific parent (male or female)

You agree that your content will be inspiring and as positive as possible (this is not an outlet for you to speak negatively about someone in your life)

You agree that all of your content will be shared on our website and made public.

You agree that your name will be attached to your content that you submit to this website. (we will not sell or give away your private information under any circumstances)

You agree that we may not publish the content you submit (we need thought provoking, positive content focused on dad-life!)

You will not harrass the creators or managers of this website if your content is not published.

You understand that you are representing this website when posting content and will keep our best interests in mind.

You will not speak negatively about any other websites or online (social media included) groups.

You will submit atleast once piece of content per month (your account may be terminated otherwise).

You will not utilize this website to promote any illegal activity of absolutely any kind.


You will be AWESOME.



NoDeadBeatSociety.com team.


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