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We are currently looking for DADS who want to share the joys of parenting with the world via our website!

Things we are looking for:

1. Sharing of cool content! (If you find something awesome online relating to dads share it through our site!)

2. Cool stories about you and your kids (be positive!)

3. Positive celebrity dad gossip, news, or related.

4. Lessons and fun things you have learned being a parent!


Things we are NOT looking for:

1. Custody battle venting.

2. Negativity in any form

3. Ex spouse bashing.


So, all of that being said! If you think you could contribute some awesome content to our site fill out the form below:

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    Write yourself a personal bio, in third person!...
    Example: John is a father of 2, born and raised in Kentucky. He loves his kids, football and vacations to Las Vegas!



    Note: This is not a PAYING gig, but submitting your application to us, if selected, and then by submitting content to our website you are releasing your rights to that content. Meaning, if we generate web traffic from it, there is no compensation. We review all blog posts before they are published (you submit + we read and approve + we publish and notify you!).

    Looking forward to working with you!

    – NoDeadBeatSociety.com team